Monday, February 25, 2013

Never Seen Twitter Followers Bot – Works as of March 2013

If you do Twitter marketing then you understand how important it is to get "Twitter Followers". Getting "Twitter Followers" is a great way to communicate to those people on Twitter. So I've decided to come out with a complete brand new (yes I programmed it just for you guys!)  Twitter Followers Bot so that you can easily get mass followers that are in your niche and they can all see what it is that you have to offer to them 

This Twitter Followers Bot works on Windows 7 / Windows XP / Windows Vista and Macintosh.

How to use it ?
1) Sign in to your Twitter account.
2) Start Twitter Followers Bot.
3) Check for the update if available
4) Enter your user name and password.
5) Click on "Connect"
6) Click on the "Add Followers".
7) You can wait until progress finish,or you can stop progress.
8) We don't recommend more than 350 followers daily.

To download Twitter Mass Followers Bot hit the Regular Download button.